When your garage door gets off track, you will not be able to move it up or down. Usually, this is due to a cable breaking or something obstructing the path of the door. A garage door that is off track is not only unsightly but also dangerous and unstable. Do not attempt to move the door manually or with the automatic garage door opener. In the interest of your safety, do not attempt to move it or repair it yourself. Our professional garage door technicians are trained in handling these situations. Garage Door Springs and cables are under extreme pressure, and it’s incredibly dangerous to perform DIY garage door repair.


Garage Door Repair specializes in garage door opener repair. We’ll determine the reason why your opener isn’t operating properly and figure out if we can correct the problem with a simple fix. If it does turn out that the system does need to be replaced, we also offer garage opener replacement services. Whether it needs to be repaired or replaced, you can count on us to correct your broken garage door rollers quickly and affordable. Our team of professionals will thoroughly assess your garage door opener system and determine the cause of the problem. We’ll then address the issue by either repairing it or by suggesting a replacement and installing it for you.


The team of professionals at Century Garage Door Repair can help you with all of your garage door panel or section replacement needs. Over time, your garage door sections will take on normal wear and tear. If the sections begin to crack, bend, or warp, this may lead to bigger issues that can cause your entire garage door system to fail. We recommend addressing damaged sections and panels immediately to prevent any further damage. Our garage door repair technicians and salesmen are experienced with all makes and models of garage doors. We will work with you to find the perfect match for your existing door when replacing a section or panel.


Are you noticing your garage door opening slower or having trouble opening at all? You likely need new garage door torsion springs. These springs help push the door up and keep the full load off the garage door opener. When springs begin to wear out, they don’t wind as tightly and don’t provide the force necessary to easily lift the heavy garage door. Eventually, the door will not open entirely, and if the springs break won’t open at all or unevenly. If the spring breaks in the middle of the opening, then it can cause damage to the door. It’s best to take care of the problem before it’s an emergency.


Being one of the most crucial parts in the garage door functionality, cable helps to open and close the door by lifting and lowering. It also acts as a back in case of spring failure. So, it is essential to get the garage door cable repaired instead of ignoring it. There are two types of spring:

Lift Cables: These cables are found in the torsion spring garage doors. It is attached to the bottom of the door and runs routing upwards where torsion springs are located.

Retaining Cables: These cables are found in extension cable garage doors. Here, the cable runs through the spring on both sides of the door.

Finding A Professional For Garage Door Repair Specialists

Finding a professional company to repair your damaged or non-functioning garage door is now easy. At Century Garage Door Services, we can provide you with myriads of services and ensure your garage and home is completely safe & secure.

We do offer a wide range of services including garage door repair, installation, opener repair/replacement, panel replacement, extension/torsion spring replacement, cable repair or replacement, etc. If you face issues with your garage door like it fails to open properly or has some damage or worn out parts, you do not have to worry about it. Our specialists are just a call away and can attend your requirements at the earliest. You need to call our representatives & explain the types of problems & issues that you face with your garage door.

We can also help you to install new state-of-the-art electronic garage doors as we have the right resources, knowledge, and tools. Our employees are experts in their relative domain and have the right kind of expertise and experience. Our professionals will visit your garage in person and identify the issues and accordingly provide you with a detailed quotation along with the prices. You can rest assured consider our repair & installation services. Our charges are also affordable & competitive. We do not charge anything unnecessarily and believe in serving the community at large helping people by solving their problems.

At Century Garage Door Services, we have undertaken several projects in the past and have helped our clients to have a fully functioning garage door. We do not leave any stone unturned until our clients are satisfied with the results obtained. We do assure you that we strive very hard to ensure that your work is given due importance & is completed within the specified deadline.

We are easy to locate and will offer a patient hearing to listen to what you have to say. Besides providing repair & installation services, we also guide our clients and train them on how to maintain their garage properly to ensure it lasts for a very long time. This way, we help you to save your precious hard-earned money.

Our sincerity, prompt response, and proper handling of the task assigned and satisfaction assured is what has made us popular among our clients. You can check our past work & testimonials from clients who have trusted on our work & also recommend our services to others. Our dedication, hard work, and perseverance combined with top quality services are what have helped us to enjoy better rankings in this industry. You can always depend upon us for your garage door issues and feel free to call our representative during office hours.

If you require additional services, we can provide the same at extra charges. This means you do not have to waste time seeking other companies to get this job done. Moreover, being in this industry for quite a long time, we are completely reliable and can provide you with a more than satisfactory job. Our experts will also suggest what to do & avoid securing your garage & expensive vehicle and also save money in the process.

Whatever be your garage door problem, our experts employed with Century Garage Door Services can provide you with the right solutions to fix it & make your garage door fully functional again. Our technicians are well trained and updated on the latest sophistications introduced in the market. We are also licensed to carry out our job legally and have valid & appropriate insurance coverage to ensure you do not have to worry about anything.

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